Indian Wedding sarees For Different Body Types

Published: 28th June 2011
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The Indian wedding sarees are always much loved amongst women of all age groups in their occasions or gatherings. Before draping a saree, you should know which saree will go with your personality. Most of the sarees come in standard six long yards cloth fabric cut and are embellished in delicate designs to beautify them. Weight, complexion and height are the imperative factors which one should keep in mind while selecting a saree. The designing and textile of saree are also important to complement your body shape. With Vihaan apparels, you can select a saree on basis of its fabric, color, style, motifs and embellishments that would harmonize your body type. We will suggest you the , saree which will suit your body structure.

For women who have apple structured figures, silk sarees with sequences, embroideries and bead work looks awesome. Such women should drape their sarees in the simple way and should evade excess of jewelries. For pear shaped women sheffon wedding saree would give a magnificent look as this saree would make their figure look slimmer, since such women are heavy bottom part whereas they are slim from upper body part. It overall makes them look proportional and distract the attention from the heavy part. Women with leaner structure, cotton, thick silk and kanjevaram silk sarees will work wonders for them as this will make them look balanced and will amount to their look.

For overweight or obese women; sarees with lighter textile such as sheffon, georgette, and crepe which are fit enough to give a slimmer look. However, obese women if they wear pure cotton will make them look heftier. Whereas, obese women who love wearing cotton saree, can try those only if cotton is mixed with other fabric. For say, you may try wearing cotton silk saree will make you look astounding. Avoid wearing bulky or lustrous fabric. Dark colors should not be welcomed. The women with broad body structure should evade crepe, silk or bulky fabric saree and go for georgette and sheffon wedding sarees. They blossom your body and make you look elegant and stylish.

For Slim Women; brocade, tissue, heavy silk, cotton, tussar banarsi, conventional kanjeevaram and organza sarees will work sensationally great for them. Such sarees will give a slimmer woman fuller volume and will titivates her structure. Wedding sarees with heavy work, affluent embroideries and enticing prints will appear to be really sound. Colors that favor such both structures are light pastel shades. With such structure, saree draped in lengha style adds charisma and feminism to your beauty.

Women with short height should go with the contracted borders or no borders as this will enhance your height and make you look slightly taller. You may also try some fragile not so flashy stripes and prints. However, women with taller heights and slim physique may consider wearing large and striking prints and patterns sarees. The one who does not possess curves in their structure may opt for customized saree that will highlight your shape.

One should be really meticulous about buying wedding saree for oneself and should wear it sagaciously.

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